V-Belt Cross Reference Chart

Belt Cross Reference Chart

Conventional V-Belts
Kevlar Corded V-Belts
Cogged V-Belts
Metric V-Belts
Wedge V-Belts
Variable Multi Speed Belts
Banded V-Belts
Fractional Horsepower V-Belts
Serpentine Poly V-Belts
Double V-Belts
Synchronous Timing Belts
Cogged Wedge V-Belts

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V-Belt Cross Reference

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V-Belt Cross Reference Chart

Conventional V-Belts
  • A V-Belt Sizes
  • B V-Belt Sizes
  • C V-Belt Sizes
  • D V-Belt Sizes
  • E V-Belt Sizes

  • Kevlar Corded V-Belts
  • 3L Kevlar V-Belt Sizes
  • 4L Kevlar V-Belt Sizes
  • 5L Kevlar V-Belt Sizes

  • Cogged V-Belts
  • AX V-Belt Sizes
  • BX V-Belt Sizes
  • CX V-Belt Sizes

  • Double Angle Belts
  • AA Hex Belt Sizes
  • BB Hex Belt Sizes
  • CC Hex Belt Sizes

  • Variable Muti Speed Belts
  • Variable Speed Belt Sizes

  • Wedge V-Belts
  • 3V V-Belt Sizes
  • 5V V-Belt Sizes
  • 8V V-Belt Sizes

  • Metric V-Belts
  • SPA Belt Sizes
  • SPB Belt Sizes
  • SPC Belt Sizes
  • SPZ Belt Sizes

  • Cogged Banded V-Belts
  • AX Banded V-Belt Sizes
  • BX Banded V-Belt Sizes
  • CX Banded V-Belt Sizes

  • Cogged Wedge V-Belts
  • 3VX V-Belt Sizes
  • 5VX V-Belt Sizes
  • 8VX V-Belt Sizes

  • Automotive Belts
  • 15 Section Belt Sizes
  • 17 Section Belt Sizes

  • Banded V-Belts
  • A Banded Belt Sizes
  • B Banded Belt Sizes
  • D Banded Belt Sizes
  • D Banded Belt Sizes
  • Kevlar Banded Belt Sizes

  • FHP V-Belts
  • 2L FHP V-Belt Sizes
  • 3L FHP V-Belt Sizes
  • 4L FHP V-Belt Sizes
  • 5L FHP V-Belt Sizes

  • Serpentine Poly Belts
  • J Series Belts Sizes
  • K Series Belts Sizes
  • L Series Belts Sizes
  • M Series Belts Sizes

  • Wedge Banded Belts
  • 3V Banded Belt Sizes
  • 5V Banded Belt Sizes
  • 8V Banded Belt Sizes

  • Belt Cross Reference

    While every effort has been made to ensure an accurate part cross reference, it is your responsibility to double check your part cross reference specification before you make any purchases. Original Equipment Manufactures and/or OEM Part Numbers are for reference purposes only. All OEM names are registered trademarks of those respective companies.

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