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V-Belt Cross Reference Sizes for A Section Conventional Belts. Simply, You will find the belts sizes for A Section Belts. Gates, Dayco, Goodyear, Jason Industrial, Pix, and more belt cross references available.

A Section V-Belt Sizes
Top Width = 1/2"
Depth = 5/16"
To see a complete cross reference, click on the standard belt number.
Standard Belt # V-Belt Size
Outside Dims
Gates Belt #
Hi Power
Goodyear Belt # Dayco Belt #
A20 22 (Inches)   A20 (4L220)  
A21 23 (Inches) A21 A21 (4L230) AP21
A22 24 (Inches) A22 A22 (4L240) AP22
A23 25 (Inches) A23 A23 (4L250) AP23
A24 26 (Inches) A24 A24 (4L260) AP24
A25 27 (Inches) A25 A25 (4L270) AP25
A26 28 (Inches) A26 A26 (4L280) AP26
A27 29 (Inches) A27 A27 (4L290) AP27
A28 30 (Inches) A28 A28 (4L300) AP28
A29 31 (Inches) A29 A29 (4L310) AP29
A30 32 (Inches) A30 A30 (4L320) AP30
A31 33 (Inches) A31 A31 (4L330) AP31
A32 34 (Inches) A32 A32 (4L340) AP32
A33 35 (Inches) A33 A33 (4L350) AP33
A34 36 (Inches) A34 A34 (4L360) AP34
A35 37 (Inches) A35 A35 (4L370) AP35
A36 38 (Inches) A36 A36 (4L380) AP36
A37 39 (Inches) A37 A37 (4L390) AP37
A38 40 (Inches) A38 A38 (4L400) AP38
A39 41 (Inches) A39 A39 (4L410) AP39
A40 42 (Inches) A40 A40 (4L420) AP40
A41 43 (Inches) A41 A41 (4L430) AP41
A42 44 (Inches) A42 A42 (4L440) AP42
A43 45 (Inches) A43 A43 (4L450) AP43
A44 46 (Inches) A44 A44 (4L460) AP44
A45 47 (Inches) A45 A45 (4L470) AP45
A46 48 (Inches) A46 A46 (4L480) AP46
A47 49 (Inches) A47 A47 (4L490) AP47
A48 50 (Inches) A48 A48 (4L500) AP48
A49 51 (Inches) A49 A49 (4L510) AP49
A50 52 (Inches) A50 A50 (4L520) AP50
A51 53 (Inches) A51 A51 (4L530) AP51
A52 54 (Inches) A52 A52 (4L540) AP52
A53 55 (Inches) A53 A53 (4L550) AP53
A54 56 (Inches) A54 A54 (4L560) AP54
A55 57 (Inches) A55 A55 (4L570) AP55
A56 58 (Inches) A56 A56 (4L580) AP56
A57 59 (Inches) A57 A57 (4L590) AP57
A58 60 (Inches) A58 A58 (4L600) AP58
A59 61 (Inches) A59 A59 (4L610) AP59
A60 62 (Inches) A60 A60 (4L620) AP60
A61 63 (Inches) A61 A61 (4L630) AP61
A62 64 (Inches) A62 A62 (4L640) AP62
A63 65 (Inches) A63 A63 (4L650) AP63
A64 66 (Inches) A64 A64 (4L660) AP64
A65 67 (Inches) A65 A65 (4L670) AP65
A66 68 (Inches) A66 A66 (4L680) AP66
A67 69 (Inches) A67 A67 (4L690) AP67
A68 70 (Inches) A68 A68 (4L700) AP68
A69 71 (Inches) A69 A69 (4L710) AP69
A70 72 (Inches) A70 A70 (4L720) AP70
A71 73 (Inches) A71 A71 (4L730) AP71
A72 74 (Inches) A72 A72 (4L740) AP72
A73 75 (Inches) A73 A73 (4L750) AP73
A74 76 (Inches) A74 A74 (4L760) AP74
A75 77 (Inches) A75 A75 (4L770) AP75
A76 78 (Inches) A76 A76 (4L780) AP76
A77 79 (Inches) A77 A77 (4L790) AP77
A78 80 (Inches) A78 A78 (4L800) AP78
A79 81 (Inches) A79 A79 (4L810) AP79
A80 82 (Inches) A80 A80 (4L820) AP80
A81 83 (Inches) A81 A81 (4L830) AP81
A82 84 (Inches) A82 A82 (4L840) AP82
A83 85 (Inches) A83 A83 (4L850) AP83
A84 86 (Inches) A84 A84 (4L860) AP84
A85 87 (Inches) A85 A85 (4L870) AP85
A86 88 (Inches) A86 A86 (4L880) AP86
A87 89 (Inches) A87 A87 (4L890) AP87
A88 90 (Inches) A88 A88 (4L900) AP88
A89 91 (Inches) A89 A89 (4L910) AP89
A90 92 (Inches) A90 A90 (4L920) AP90
A91 93 (Inches) A91 A91 (4L930) AP91
A92 94 (Inches) A92 A92 (4L940) AP92
A93 95 (Inches) A93 A93 (4L950) AP93
A94 96 (Inches) A94 A94 (4L960) AP94
A95 97 (Inches) A95 A95 (4L970) AP95
A96 98 (Inches) A96 A96 (4L980) AP96
A97 99 (Inches) A97 A97 (4L990) AP97
A98 100 (Inches) A98 A100 (4L1020) AP98
A99 101 (Inches) A99   AP99
A100 102 (Inches) A100   AP100
A101 103 (Inches) A101   AP101
A103 105 (Inches) A103 A103 AP103
A105 107 (Inches) A105 A105 AP105
A108 110 (Inches) A108   AP108
A110 112 (Inches) A110 A110 AP110
A112 114 (Inches) A112 A112 AP112
A114 116 (Inches) A114   AP114
A115 117 (Inches) A115   AP115
A118 120 (Inches) A118   AP118
A120 122 (Inches) A120 A120 AP120
A124 126 (Inches) A124   AP124
A128 130 (Inches) A128 A128 AP128
A130 132 (Inches) A130   AP130
A133 135 (Inches) A133 A133 AP133
A136 138 (Inches) A136 A136 AP136
A144 146 (Inches) A144 A144 AP144
A158 160 (Inches) A158 A158 AP158
A173 175 (Inches) A173 A173 AP173
A180 182 (Inches A180 A180 AP180
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While every effort has been made to ensure an accurate part cross reference, it is your responsibility to double check your part cross reference specification before you make any purchases. Original Equipment Manufactures and/or OEM Part Numbers are for reference purposes only. All OEM names are registered trademarks of those respective companies.

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