V-Belt Cross Reference Chart

Belt Cross Reference Chart
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 V-Belt Cross Reference

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B Section V-Belt
Cross Reference Sizes

V-Belt Cross Reference Sizes for B Section Conventional Belts. Simply, You will find the belts sizes for Conventional B Section Belts. Gates, Dayco, Goodyear, Jason Industrial, Pix, and more belt cross references available.

B Section V-Belt Sizes
Top Width = 21/32"
Depth = 7/16"
Standard Belt # V-Belt Size
Outside Dims
Gates Belt #
Hi Power
Goodyear Belt # Dayco Belt #
B19 22 Inches   B19 (5L220) BP19
B20 23 Inches   B20 (5L230) BP20
B21 24 Inches   B21 (5L220) BP21
B22 25 Inches   B22 (5L230) BP22
B23 26 Inches   B23 (5L220) BP23
B24 27 Inches B24 B24 (5L230) BP24
B25 28 Inches B25 B25 (5L220) BP25
B26 29 Inches B26 B26 (5L230) BP26
B27 30 Inches B27 B27 (5L220) BP27
B28 31 Inches B28 B28 (5L230) BP28
B29 32 Inches B29 B29 (5L220) BP29
B30 33 Inches B30 B30 (5L230) BP30
B31 34 Inches B31 B31 (5L220) BP31
B32 35 Inches B32 B32 (5L230) BP32
B33 36 Inches B33 B33 (5L220) BP33
B34 37 Inches B34 B34 (5L230) BP34
B35 38 Inches B35 B35 (5L220) BP35
B36 39 Inches B36 B36 (5L230) BP36
B37 40 Inches B37 B37 (5L220) BP37
B38 41 Inches B38 B38 (5L230) BP38
B39 42 Inches B39 B39 (5L220) BP39
B40 43 Inches B40 B40 (5L230) BP40
B41 44 Inches B41 B41 (5L220) BP41
B42 45 Inches B42 B42 (5L230) BP42
B43 46 Inches B43 B43 (5L220) BP43
B44 47 Inches B44 B44 (5L230) BP44
B45 48 Inches B45 B45 (5L220) BP45
B46 49 Inches B46 B46 (5L230) BP46
B47 50 Inches B47 B47 (5L220) BP47
B48 51 Inches B48 B48 (5L230) BP48
B49 52 Inches B49 B49 (5L220) BP49
B50 53 Inches B50 B50 (5L230) BP50
B51 54 Inches B51 B51 (5L220) BP51
B52 55 Inches B52 B52 (5L230) BP52
B53 56 Inches B53 B53 (5L220) BP53
B54 57 Inches B54 B54 (5L230) BP54
B55 58 Inches B55 B55 (5L220) BP55
B56 59 Inches B56 B56 (5L230) BP56
B57 60 Inches B57 B57 (5L220) BP57
B58 61 Inches B58 B58 BP58
B59 62 Inches B59 B59 BP59
B60 63 Inches B60 B60 BP60
B61 64 Inches B61 B61 BP61
B62 65 Inches B62 B62 BP62
B63 66 Inches B63 B63 BP63
B64 67 Inches B64 B64 BP64
B65 68 Inches B65 B65 BP65
B66 69 Inches B66 B66 BP66
B67 70 Inches B67 B67 BP67
B68 71 Inches B68 B68 BP68
B69 72 Inches B69 B69 BP69
B70 73 Inches B70 B70 BP70
B71 74 Inches B71 B71 BP71
B72 75 Inches B72 B72 BP72
B73 76 Inches B73 B73 BP73
B74 77 Inches B74 B74 BP74
B75 78 Inches B75 B75 BP75
B76 79 Inches B76 B76 BP76
B77 80 Inches B77 B77 BP77
B78 81 Inches B78 B78 BP78
B79 82 Inches B79 B79 BP79
B80 83 Inches B80 B80 BP80
B81 84 Inches B81 B81 BP81
B82 85 Inches B82 B82 BP82
B83 86 Inches B83 B83 BP83
B84 87 Inches B84 B84 BP84
B85 88 Inches B85 B85 BP85
B86 89 Inches B86 B86 BP86
B87 90 Inches B87 B87 BP87
B88 91 Inches B88 B88 BP88
B89 92 Inches B89 B89 BP89
B90 93 Inches B90 B90 BP90
B91 94 Inches B91 B91 BP91
B92 95 Inches B92 B92 BP92
B93 96 Inches B93 B93 BP93
B94 97 Inches B94 B94 BP94
B95 98 Inches B95 B95 BP95
B96 99 Inches B96 B96 BP96
B97 100 Inches B97 B97 BP97
B98 101 Inches B98 B98 BP98
B99 102 Inches B99 B99 BP99
B100 103 Inches B100 B100 BP100
B101 104 Inches B101 B101 BP101
B102 105 Inches B102 B102 BP102
B103 106 Inches B103 B103 BP103
B104 107 Inches B104 B104 BP104
B105 108 Inches B105 B105 BP105
B106 109 Inches B106 B106 BP106
B107 110 Inches B107 B107 BP107
B108 111 Inches B108 B108 BP108
B109 112 Inches B109 B109 BP109
B110 113 Inches B110 B110 BP110
B111 114 Inches B111 B111 BP111
B112 115 Inches B112 B112 BP112
B113 116 Inches B113 B113 BP113
B114 117 Inches B114 B114 BP114
B115 118 Inches B115 B115 BP115
B116 119 Inches B116 B116 BP116
B117 120 Inches B117 B117 BP117
B118 121 Inches B118 B118 BP118
B119 122 Inches B119 B119 BP119
B120 123 Inches B120 B120 BP120
B121 124 Inches   B121 BP121
B122 125 Inches B122 B122 BP122
B123 126 Inches B123 B123 BP123
B124 127 Inches B124 B124 BP124
B125 128 Inches B125 B125 BP125
B126 129 Inches B126 B126 BP126
B127 130 Inches B127 B127 BP127
B128 131 Inches B128 B128 BP128
B129 132 Inches   B129 BP129
B130 133 Inches B130 B130 BP130
B131 134 Inches B131 B131 BP131
B132 135 Inches B132 B132 BP132
B133 136 Inches B133 B133 BP133
B134 137 Inches B134 B134 BP134
B135 138 Inches B135 B135 BP135
B136 139 Inches B136 B136 BP136
B137 140 Inches B137 B137 BP137
B138 141 Inches B138 B138 BP138
B139 142 Inches B139 B139 BP139
B140 143 Inches B140 B140 BP140
B141 144 Inches B141 B141 BP141
B142 145 Inches B142 B142 BP142
B143 146 Inches B143 B143 BP143
B144 147 Inches B144 B144 BP144
B145 148 Inches B145 B145 BP145
B146 149 Inches B146 B146 BP146
B147 150 Inches B147 B147 BP147
B148 151 Inches B148 B148 BP148
B149 152 Inches B149 B149 BP149
B150 153 Inches B150 B150 BP150
B151 154 Inches B151 B151 BP151
B152 155 Inches B152 B152 BP152
B153 156 Inches B153 B153 BP153
B154 157 Inches B154 B154 BP154
B155 158 Inches   B155 BP155
B156 159 Inches B156 B156 BP156
B157 160 Inches B157 B157 BP157
B158 161 Inches B158 B158 BP158
B159 162 Inches   B159 BP159
B160 163 Inches B160 B160 BP160
B162 165 Inches B161 B162 BP162
B163 166 Inches B162 B163 BP163
B164 167 Inches B164 B164 BP164
B165 168 Inches B165 B165 BP165
B166 169 Inches B166 B166 BP166
B167 170 Inches B167 B167 BP167
B168 171 Inches B168 B168 BP168
B169 172 Inches B169 B169 BP169
B170 173 Inches B170 B170 BP170
B171 174 Inches   B171 BP171
B172 175 Inches B172 B172 BP172
B173 176 Inches B173 B173 BP173
B174 177 Inches B174 B174 BP174
B175 178 Inches B175 B175 BP175
B176 179 Inches   B176 BP176
B177 180 Inches B177 B177 BP177
B178 181 Inches B178 B178 BP178
B180 183 Inches B180 B180 BP180
B182 185 Inches B182 B182 BP182
B183 186 Inches   B183 BP183
B184 187 Inches B184 B184 BP184
B185 188 Inches B185 B185 BP185
B186 189 Inches B186 B186 BP186
B187 190 Inches B187 B187 BP187
B188 191 Inches B188 B188 BP188
B189 192 Inches   B189 BP189
B190 193 Inches B190 B190 BP190
B191 194 Inches B191 B191 BP191
B192 195 Inches B192 B192 BP192
B193 196 Inches   B193 BP193
B195 198 Inches B195 B195 BP195
B196 199 Inches   B196 BP196
B197 200 Inches B197 B197 BP197
B198 201 Inches   B198 BP198
B199 202 Inches B199 B199 BP199
B200 203 Inches B200 B200 BP200
B201 204 Inches B201 B201 BP201
B202 205 Inches   B202 BP202
B204 207 Inches B204 B204 BP204
B205 208 Inches B205 B205 BP205
B206 209 Inches B206 B206 BP206
B208 211 Inches   B208 BP208
B210 213 Inches B210 B210 BP210
B212 215 Inches B212 B212 BP212
B213 216 Inches   B213 BP213
B214 217 Inches   B214 BP214
B215 218 Inches B215 B215 BP215
B216 219 Inches   B216 BP216
B217 220 Inches B217 B217 BP217
B218 221 Inches B218 B218 BP218
B220 223 Inches B220 B220 BP220
B221 224 Inches B221 B221 BP221
B223 226 Inches B223 B223 BP223
B224 227 Inches   B224 BP224
B225 228 Inches B225 B225 BP225
B228 231 Inches B228 B228 BP228
B229 232 Inches   B229 BP229
B230 233 Inches B230 B230 BP230
B232 235 Inches   B232 BP232
B234 237 Inches B234 B234 BP234
B235 238 Inches B235 B235 BP235
B236 239 Inches B236 B236 BP236
B237 240 Inches B237 B237 BP237
B240 243 Inches B240 B240 BP240
B245 248 Inches   B245 BP245
B248 251 Inches B248 B248 BP248
B249 252 Inches   B249 BP249
B250 253 Inches   B250 BP250
B251 254 Inches   B251 BP251
B252 255 Inches   B252 BP252
B253 256 Inches B253 B253 BP253
B255 258 Inches B255 B255 BP255
B257 260 Inches   B257 BP257
B259 262 Inches   B259 BP259
B265 268 Inches B265 B265 BP265
B270 273 Inches B270 B270 BP270
B276 279 Inches B276 B276 BP276
B279 281 Inches B279 B279 BP279
B280 283 Inches B280 B280 BP280
B285 288 Inches B285 B285 BP285
B290 293 Inches B290 B290 BP290
B292 295 Inches B292 B292 BP292
B293 296 Inches B293 B293 BP293
B300 303 Inches B300 B300 BP300
B310 313 Inches B310 B310 BP310
B315 318 Inches B315 B315 BP315
B330 333 Inches B330 B330 BP330
B340 343 Inches B340 B340 BP340
B341 344 Inches   B341 BP341
B345 348 Inches B345 B345 BP345
B346 349 Inches   B346 BP346
B350 353 Inches   B350 BP350
B354 357 Inches   B354 BP354
B355 358 Inches B355 B355 BP355
B360 363 Inches B360 B360 BP360
B375 378 Inches   B375 BP375
B389 392 Inches   B389 BP389
B394 397 Inches B394 B394 BP394
B433 436 Inches B433 B433 BP433
B444 447 Inches   B444 BP444
B472 475 Inches B472 B472 BP472
B491 494 Inches   B491 BP491
B512 515 Inches   B512 BP512
B553 556 Inches   B553 BP553
B561 564 Inches   B561 BP561
Belt Cross Reference

While every effort has been made to ensure an accurate part cross reference, it is your responsibility to double check your part cross reference specification before you make any purchases. Original Equipment Manufactures and/or OEM Part Numbers are for reference purposes only. All OEM names are registered trademarks of those respective companies.

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