V-Belt Cross Reference Chart

Belt Cross Reference Chart
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 V-Belt Cross Reference

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3L Kevlar V-Belt
Cross Reference Sizes

V-Belt Cross Reference Sizes for 3L Kevlar V-Belts. Find the belts sizes for 3L Kevlar Belts. Gates, Dayco, Goodyear, Jason Industrial, Pix, and more belt cross references available.

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3L Kevlar V-Belt Sizes
Top Width = 3/8"
Depth = 7/32"
Kevlar V-Belt Belt # V-Belt Size Outside Dims
3LK170 17 (inches)
3LK180 18 (inches)
3LK190 19 (inches)
3LK200 20 (inches)
3LK210 21 (inches)
3LK220 22 (inches)
3LK230 23 (inches)
3LK240 24 (inches)
3LK250 25 (inches)
3LK260 26 (inches)
3LK270 27 (inches)
3LK280 28 (inches)
3LK290 29 (inches)
3LK300 30 (inches)
3LK310 31 (inches)
3LK320 32 (inches)
3LK330 33 (inches)
3LK340 34 (inches)
3LK350 35 (inches)
3LK360 36 (inches)
3LK370 37 (inches)
3LK380 38 (inches)
3LK390 39 (inches)
3LK400 40 (inches)
3LK410 41 (inches)
3LK420 42 (inches)
3LK430 43 (inches)
3LK440 44 (inches)
3LK450 45 (inches)
3LK460 46 (inches)
3LK470 47 (inches)
3LK480 48 (inches)
3LK490 49 (inches)
3LK500 50 (inches)
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