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10 Ribs K Series Serpentine
Cross Reference Sizes

V-Belt Cross Reference Sizes for 10 Rib K Series Serpentine Belts. Simply, You will find the belts sizes for 10 Rib K Series Belts. Gates, Dayco, Goodyear, Bando, Cadna, Pix, and more belt cross references available.

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10 Rib K Series Serpentine Belts
10 Ribs
Bando Bando Dayco Gates Napa Goodyear Cadna Pix
10PK950 10PK950 5100374 K100374 25-K100374 4100374 374K10 374K10
10PK980 10PK980 5100386 K100381 25-K100381 4100381 386K10 386K10
10PK1155 10PK1155 5100455 K100456 25-K100456 4100455 455K10 455K10
10PK1195 10PK1195 5100470 K100470 25-K100470 4100470 470K10 470K10
10PK1225 10PK1225 5100482 K100485 25-K100485 4100482 482K10 482K10
10PK1280 10PK1280 5100503 K100502 25-K100502 4100504 504K10 504K10
10PK1320 10PK1320 5100518 K100520 25-K100520 4100515 520K10 520K10
10PK1335 10PK1335 5100526 K100526 25-K100526 4100526 526K10 526K10
10PK1355 10PK1355 5100533 K100535 25-K100535 4100535 533K10 533K10
10PK1360 10PK1360 5100533 K100535 25-K100535 4100535 535K10 535K10
10PK1370 10PK1370 5100540 K100540 25-K100540 4100540 539K10 539K10
10PK1385 10PK1385 5100545 K100545 25-K100545 4100545 545K10 545K10
10PK1395 10PK1395 5100549 K100549 25-K100549 4100549 549K10 549K10
10PK1520 10PK1520 5100600 K100594 25-K100594 4100600 598K10 598K10
10PK1540 10PK1540 5100688 K100607 25-K100607 4100607 606K10 606K10
10PK1550 10PK1550 5100608 K100610 25-K100610 4100607 610K10 610K10
10PK1555 10PK1555 5100613 K100610 25-K100610 4100612 612K10 612K10
10PK1600 10PK1600 5100630 K100630 25-K100630 4100630 630K10 630K10
10PK1650 10PK1650 5100650 K100650 25-K100650 4100650 650K10 650K10
10PK1700 10PK1700 5100670 K100670 25-K100670 4100670 669K10 669K10
10PK1715 10PK1715 5100678 K100675 25-K100675 4100675 675K10 675K10
10PK1755 10PK1755 5100688 K100688 25-K100688 4100690   691K10
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