A65 V-Belt Cross Reference Chart

V-Belt Cross Reference for A65 V-Belts. The cross reference chart below provides belt manufacturer name and belt number that crosses with A-65 V-Belt. Keep in mind that while the size might match, Brand Quality of brand materials and reinforcement types can vary, potentially affecting performance and durability.

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Manufacturer V-Belt Number
Bando A65
Carlisle A65
Case International Harvestor 549822R1
Case International Harvestor 935016R2
GEHL 52130
GEHL CO. (see OWATONNA) 52130
Grainger 5A291
Massey Ferguson Company 843009101
Massey Ferguson Company 222280M1
Shaw Belting S3472
Shaw Belting S3472
Alpine Rubber P3-667
API AR86496
Arctic Circle P3-667
Arkla Industries 907-4
Bando American 4L670
Bando American A65
BF Goodrich 1670
BF Goodrich 4L670
BF Goodrich A65
Bolens Products 1108500
Browning Manufacturing 1650
Browning Manufacturing A65
Brunner Manufacturing 6A7
Bryant Metalworking Equipemnt 94033
Chrysler 1427857
Chrysler B4L670
Clean Cut Mower 587C
Continental Tyre & Rubber 65-35-165
Continental Tyre & Rubber A1690
Cummins 3808963
Cummins 3809161
Daihatsu 90400-76002
Daihatsu 90400-76003
Dayco Products 1M067
Dayco Products 4L670
Dayco Products 5-1010
Dayco Products A65
Dayco Products AP65
Deutz Allis Corporation 0504093
Deutz Allis Corporation 504093
Devilbiss Company BT37
Dodge 107122
Dodge 108051
Douglas Machine 1083-2
Dunlop Belting Products 4L670
Dunlop Belting Products A65
Durkee Atwood 4L670
Durkee Atwood A65
Epton Industries 13R1700
FairMorse Industrial 3670
Frigidaire 5447281
Frigidaire 5447821
Frigidaire 5880002
Frigidaire EA134372
Frigidaire EA200740
G Palmer & Associates 26008
Gardner Denver Mining & Construction 13C126
Gates Rubber Company 2670
Gates Rubber Company 4L670
Gates Rubber Company 65065
Gates Rubber Company A65
General Electric C4A102
General Electric K5705475AG62
General Electric K5705475AJ34
General Electric K5705475AN48
General Electric K8102363-33
Gilmer Industries 3670
Goodyear Tire & Rubber 4L670
Goodyear Tire & Rubber 74670
Goodyear Tire & Rubber 76065
Goodyear Tire & Rubber A65
Goodyear Tire & Rubber FA67
Hahn Inc 26873
Hanna Rubber Company 4L670
Hoyt Manufacturing 11-219
Industry Standard 4L670
Industry Standard 8X667
Industry Standard 8X670
Industry Standard A065
Industry Standard A65
Jason Industries 4L670
Jason Industries A65
JH Fenner 240A0169
JH Fenner A1690
JH Fenner A65
John Deere Co AP65
John Deere Co AR86496
John Deere Co H101352
John Deere Co H86272
Leroi International AH41-409
Lipman Ventilating Equipment B6587
Massey Ferguson Company 222280M1
Massey Ferguson Company 259047M91
Massey Ferguson Company 843009M1
Meier Electric FA10163
Metric Standard 12R1700
Metric Standard 12X1685
Metric Standard 13C1710
Metric Standard 13R1700
Metric Standard 13X1660
Metric Standard 13X1685
Metric Standard 8X667
Metric Standard 8X670
Mongomery Ward 165165A
Mongomery Ward 165172A
NAPA 4L670
Norge Appliance Corp 30-2307
Optibelt LTD 4L670
Optibelt LTD A65
Pennsylvania Crusher 11AC8-86
Pirelli S.A. 4L670
Pirelli S.A. A65
Pix Belts 4L670
Pix Belts A65
Power Lawn 109-127
Reeves Pulley Corp M401182
Reliance Electric & Engineering 107122
Rival Manufacturing RC82A
Sanborn Fluid Power 0070003
Silver Streak DB4L670
Silver Streak DBA65
SpeedQueen 30-14
SpeedQueen 80096
SpeedQueen 80303
TBA Belting A1690
The Dexter Company E41
Thermoid Manufacturing 4L670
Thermoid Manufacturing A65
Tokheim Corporation 22-33918
Transicold Manufacturing 50-01001-11
Transicold Manufacturing 50-01001-12
Uniroyal Industrial Products 4L670
Uniroyal Industrial Products A65
US Air Compressor DA4L670
USA Federal Stock Number 3030-00-001-7833
USA Federal Stock Number 3030-00-528-3825
USA Federal Stock Number 3030-00-849-1356
USA Federal Stock Number 3030-01-144-8212
USA Federal Stock Number 3030-528-3825
USA Federal Stock Number 39242-4L670
USA Federal Stock Number MS39255A65
Viking Snowmobiles 75-167
Wayne Lawn & Garden Machine AC10648
Winchell Equipment Manufacturing 587C
Yardman 1651-72
York Industries 27-551P
York Industries 28-5346