Metric V-Belts

Metric V-belts are designed to meet international standards in terms of dimensions and are commonly used in a wide range of machinery across various industries. Unlike their inch-based counterparts, metric V-belts are sized according to millimeters and are designed to fit specific pulley grooves, ensuring efficient power transmission. Here's an overview of their sizing and applications:

Metric V-Belt Sizes

Metric V-belts are categorized by their profile and length in millimeters. The profile refers to the cross-sectional dimensions of the belt, including its top width and height. Common profiles include SPZ, SPA, SPB, and SPC, with each letter indicating a different size range and configuration designed for varying power transmission requirements.
  • SPZ: The smallest common profile, suitable for light-duty applications.
  • SPA: Medium size, offering a balance between strength and flexibility.
  • SPB: Larger profile for more demanding applications, requiring higher power transmission.
  • SPC: The largest common profile, designed for heavy-duty applications.