Dayco Belt Cross Reference Charts

Dayco is a globally recognized leader in the research, design, and manufacturing of a wide variety of automotive, industrial, and aftermarket belts. Their extensive product line includes serpentine belts, v-belts, timing belts, and specialty belts, which are used across various applications in the automotive, industrial, and agricultural sectors. 

Serpentine Belts: Dayco’s serpentine belts are engineered with advanced materials to withstand extreme environmental conditions without losing flexibility or causing misalignment. These belts are crucial for driving multiple peripheral devices in an engine such as the alternator, power steering pump, water pump, and air conditioning compressor. 

V-Belts: Dayco offers a range of v-belts that are built to deliver high performance and durability. Available in multiple profiles and lengths, these belts are designed to meet the rigorous demands of power transmission in both light and heavy industrial applications. Dayco’s v-belts are known for their robust construction which minimizes stretch and increases service life. 

Timing Belts: Dayco’s timing belts are crafted for precision and durability, designed to maintain engine synchronization and efficiency without slippage. These belts are essential in keeping the engine’s valve train in sync with the crankshaft, ensuring optimal engine performance. Dayco provides timing belts for a variety of engine types, including those with high torque demands. 

Specialty Belts: Addressing specific market needs, Dayco also produces specialty belts, including those for snowmobiles, ATVs, and lawnmowers. These belts are designed to offer exceptional performance and durability under unique and often severe operating conditions. 

In addition to belts, Dayco extends its technological expertise to other engine components such as tensioners and pulleys, enhancing overall system performance and efficiency. Dayco’s commitment to innovation is evident in their development of materials and technology that reduce environmental impact, such as their work on hybrid belt systems for electric vehicles. Dayco's comprehensive approach to its product range allows them to serve a wide array of customer needs effectively, reinforcing their position as a top choice for OEMs and aftermarket customers worldwide. Their dedication to quality and continuous improvement in their products guarantees high reliability and contributes to their reputation as a trusted industry leader.

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