Kevlar Corded Banded V-Belts

Wedge banded Kevlar corded V-belts represent the pinnacle of durability and performance in power transmission belts. They combine high efficiency profile of wedge belts, unmatched strength of Kevlar cords and the stability of a banded construction. These belts are specifically designed to meet the demands of the most challenging industrial, agricultural, and outdoor power equipment applications where conventional belts might fail. 

The wedge profile of these belts provides a narrow, deep configuration that allows for more compact drive designs and higher power transmission in a smaller space compared to classical V-belts. This design improves the belt's grip and engagement with the pulley, enhancing efficiency and reducing slippage even under high loads. 

Reinforced with Kevlar, a synthetic fiber known for its extraordinary tensile strength and resistance to heat and wear, these belts offer exceptional durability. Kevlar's resistance to stretching and abrasion extends the service life of the belt significantly, ensuring reliable operation even in the harshest conditions. 

The banded construction of these belts features multiple wedge belts linked together by a tough, fabric or rubber band. This design prevents the belts from twisting or turning on the pulleys, distributes loads evenly across the belt width, and minimizes vibration. Such features are critical in applications involving long center distances, high shock loads, or when precise mechanical control is necessary. 

Wedge banded Kevlar corded V-belts are ideal for situations requiring the utmost in belt strength, load capacity, and operational stability. These include heavy-duty industrial machinery, large agricultural equipment, and any system where efficiency and reliability are paramount. The combination of wedge efficiency, Kevlar's strength, and the stability of a banded configuration make these belts an optimal choice for overcoming the most demanding power transmission challenges.

Kevlar Corded Banded V-Belt Charts

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3V Section Kevlar
5V Section Kevlar
8V Section Kevlar